ICDS is a unique programme meant for all round development of the children up to 6 years of age. We were allotted to run this project by the Govt. of West Bengal, Department Of Social Welfare, this is the project of the Ministry of WCD, Govt. of India, it is a national programme of our country set up as per certain methodology of the UNICEF. Mal-nutrition, different types of health hazards, improper mental and physical development, unscientific way of individual and social life of the children and mother of our country (belonging to the poverty stricken and undeveloped third world) are the main hindrances of their development. ICDS serves a major role for the up liftment and all round integrated development of the mothers & children in our country. The scheme ICDS launched in our country since second day of october,1975.

                                           We started this scheme for implementation throughout entire jurisdiction of Contai II (Deshapran) Block in the district of Purba Medinipur since 1999 and still continuing in the Block area of 8 (eight) Gram Panchayats. Mr. Biplabpriya Giri, is the CDPO of the project with his office at the central complex of the NGO at Faridpur having contact Phone No. 03220 284589. Mobile No. 9474617831. Six Supervisors namely Smt. Sutapa Sinha, Smt. Kakoli Mishra, Smt. Latika Roy, Smt. Sucharita Jana, Smt. Atasi Giri & Smt. Swati Sardar visit the centres as per programme schedule. In spite of transit hardles in the rural field area, frequent visit or supervision are being made possible to the best of satisfaction. CDPO visits the centres where the administrative exigencies or organizational disadvantages are reported. Besides the above, frequent visits are being done by the NGO representatives to know the actual affairs of centres and initiate for solvations of problems as far as practicable.
G.P. compilation meetings are regularly held once in 4th week at G.P. headquarters incorporating ICDS supervisors, Health workers (ANM), Gram Pradhan & all GP members, along with some other officials of several Govt. Departments related to Gram Panchayet level activities.
Besides the above, another GP meeting is held once in a month where ICDS Supervisor, all Anganwadi Workers attend specially to discuss about the agendas of child Development affairs. Of course one monthly Block Level meeting is held in each month at NGO Head Quarter where CDPO presides and all supervisors, all Anganwadi Workers and Helpers attend to discuss over all performances, representative of NGO Management
monitors over it.

The basic trust of the project is the elimination of incidents of infant mortality, morbidity, mal-nutrition and setting up the foundations the proper psychological as well as social development of the children providing some pre-school education, supplementary nutrition with regular health check up & immunization in appropriate time to them.A glance of the ICDS project of Deshapran Block, enrollment & service undertaken during 2013-14 is appended below:

(A) Population & Centre allocation:-

Total population Nos. of AW Centres AW Centres functioning
as per 2014-15 Survey Sanctioned during 2014-15

Male – 94,542 In 1998- 133 203 centres
Female – 88,184 In 2006- 20
Children0-6 years – 15,814 In 2010- 50

Adolescent – 9,384
Total – 203

(B) Staff position :-
AWW- 189(Gen-118, Sc-42, OBC- 13, Minority -13, PH-3)
AWH- 191(Gen.- 117, SC-40, OBC-11, ST-6, Minority-14, PH-3)
CDPO-1, Supervisors- 6, Driver-1, Peon- 1

(C)     Staff vacancy position :

Anganwadi Workers :                         14 (ST-09, Death-2, resigned- 1, Gen -2( Death)

Anganwadi Helpers –                         12 (ST-8, Govt quota-2, Death -1, Gen – 1)

Supervisor-                                  04

Store Keeper –                            01

Statistical Assistant –                01

LDC-                                             01

(D)      Location of Ananwadi Centre :

At Pry. School – 65,  At Club            House & Private House –47, At open

space – 00 & at own house – 68. at other govt. houses -23 out of 66 own

houses, 38 constructed under FC-13 Scheme for AWC AWC running in

private house are facing problem time to time.

  1. E) Names of AW centres where single staff is working.

Only by AWW – 10 centre like Sunia, Baharchanberia, Kasafallia,

Rasulpur, Purba  Amtalia ,Abasberia. Namaldia, Mundapara,  Aurai Ghorai Para & Basudevberia,Only by AWH- 13 centre – Fulbari, Uttar Amtalia, Purba  Amtalia (Gangamandir), kasafalia, Namldiha (Mahapatra), Jaganathchak,Masjidpur,Bankiput, Kanaichatta, Kajichak, Gopalpur, Jaganathpur, Ghoraghata

(F)        Nutrition provided to beneficiaries

A Food @Rs. 9 per head per day for the severely malnourished children

Mon/Wed/Fri-Rice with egg Curry  ( Rice- 50 gr., Egg 1/2 PC, M.oil- 2 ml. Salt 1.8  Gr. Vegitable)

Tue/Thu/Sat-  Khichuri with varity(Rice- 50 gr., Masur Dal- 20 gr., Egg 1/2 PC, M.oil- 2 ml. Salt 1.8  Gr. Vegitable)

  1. Food @ Rs. 6 per head per day for the other children

Mon/Wed/Fri-Rice with egg Curry  ( Rice- 50 gr., Egg 1/2 PC, M.oil- 2 ml. Salt 1.8  Gr. Vegitable)

Tue/Thu/Sat-  Khichuri with varity(Rice- 50 gr., Masur Dal- 20 gr., Egg 1/2 PC, M.oil- 2 ml. Salt 1.8  Gr. Vegitable )

  1. Food @Rs 7 per head per day for the pragnant & lactating women

Mon/Wed/Fri-Rice with egg Curry  ( Rice- 75 gr., Egg 1/2 PC, M.oil- 2 ml. Salt 1.8  Gr. Vegitable)

Tue/Thu/Sat-   Khichuri with varity(Rice- 75gr., Masur Dal- 20 gr., Egg 1/2 PC, M.oil- 2 ml. Salt 1.8  Gr. Vegitable )

(G)       BenificiariesDetails

Nature  of                                         Eligible Strength           Average nos.

beneficiaries                                      Surveyed                        attended the

                                                                                                   centre regularly

(i) Babies (6 months to 1yr.)                  1215                                 1220

(ii) Babies (1yr. to 2yrs.)                        3123                                 2783

(iii)Babies (2yrs. to 3yrs.)                      2989                                 2679

(iv)Babies (3 yrs. to 5yrs.)                     5857                                 3827

(v) Babies (5 yrs. to 6yrs.)                     1268                                   170

14552                               10679

(v) Pregnant mothers                             1405                                 1384

(vi) Nursing mothers  (first 6 months)   1423                                1434

 2839                                2807


Like the attending children, pregnant & nursing mothers are also being provided with food Khituri) along with some vitamins/Medicines and opportunity of immunization with the assistance of Health staff. There is system of home visits by Anganwadi Workers.

Arrangement of awareness upon pre-natal and post natal period mothers by Supervisors/Health  Workers are done time to time. Teen-aged girls are also awared at   SHC for there health development etc. There is system of recording growth of health of each baby in chart at centre, to reflect the graphical improvement or deficit of health position.

We are taking best effort to make the project successful as much as   possible but it is needless to say that there are lac of proper infrastructure  in maximum Anganwadi centre points. We are repeatedly knocking to the  panchayat authorities & concerning govt. Deptt. to acquire land & construst buildings for the centers. Our CDPO & the supervisors are contacting the Panchayat authorities during GP meeting and Block meetings  to ensure positive measures in that regard. However 2(two) more houses have been added during the year becoming total – 66.

In the scheme, importance has been given upon health and consequently our Anganwadi Workers/ Supervisors assist the BPHC/S.H.C. staff in immunization programmes. A.W. workers are experienced in pushing injections also.

Besides the above, our ICDS team organized VHND (Village Health & Nutrition Day) Camp to aware the mothers as well as adolescent girls, in collaboration with the Health Department of Deshapran Block.

Smt. Sutapa Sinha obtained training on ECCE at Chinsura and afterwards gave tarininng to AWWs of Model Centres , Smt Sucharita jana Undertook training a Zila Parisad hall in Nov,14 and gave training to works of eggs on CHCNI Scheme.