(1) Registered under West Bengal Societies Registration Act 1961.
Registration No. S/38056 of 1982-83 dt. 23.09.1982.
(2) Registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 1976, under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India No. 147040042dt. 13.05.1985.
(3) Perpetual order for continuity of registration vide No. – CIT, Kol/XVIII/80G/4/11- 12/868 dt. 25/11/2011 of the Commissioner of Income Tax.
(4) Registered under section 80-G, 12(A) of Income Tax exemption against donations. Any donation to this organistion will be free from Income Tax.
(5) Recognition u/s 52(2) & (4) of persons with disabilities, Govt. of West Bengal,
Vide No. 76-Com(03-04) dt. 01.03.2004
(6) Registration under ‘The National Trust’ for welfare of the persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation & Multiple Disabilities, Govt. of India, vide No. 2540/MR/2004 dt. 12.05.2004 Revalidated upto 18.06.2014 vide memo no -18061439198005/MR/CP/Autism/MD, prayed for further renewal
(7) Recognition under West Bengal State AIDS Prevention & Control Society. Empanelled
vide no. ACS/IN-102-07/3486 dt. 22.10.08
(8) Licensed under the West Bengal Women’s & Children’s Institute (Licensing) Rules 1958. Vide No-2293 (memo no 716/SWD dt. 16.02.2015 valid upto 31.03.2016, No of sanctioned Strength for JJ Home -50, SSHome -50, SAA- 20, Spl School-50.
(9) Registered under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence rules, 2006 Registration No. WB/SP-03/2008 dt. 05.02.2008 (covered under Domestic violence Act. 2005) issued by Jt. Secy. Deptt. Of WCD & SW vide GO No 282-SW 3W-51/06 (pt) dt 5.2.08.
(10) Recognition order of NCTE Eastern Region in favour of VPTTI vide no. ERC/7-88- 6(1).12/2008/12800 dt. 30/08/2008.
(11) Confirmation letter of WBBPE for Running 2yrs D.El.Ed. Course Vide No – 78/BPE/P/ 2009 dt. 16.04.2009.
(12) Affiliation of WBBPE vide No- 109/BPE/P/2009 dt. 21.05.2009. in favour of VPTTI.
(13) JJ Home Registration. No – JJ/Reg/NGO/017. (Vide memo no. 1012/SWD dt. 14.03.2014 valid up to 31/03/2015). This is process for further renewal.
(14) Recognition for in country Adoption (SAA) vide no. – 524-SWD dt. 12.02.14, valid for 2 years from 01.04.2013 to 31.03.2015.This is process for further renewal.
(15) Nehru Yuva Kendra, Tamluk affiliation, No. 6220/Cont-11/ 0006 of
2006-07 dt. 25/07/2011.
(16) RCI approval No – 17-668/DSE(MR) /13/RCI/1102 dt. 17.08.13
for running D.Ed. Spl. Education (MR) Course.