My respected President,
Members, Invitees & Guests,

I pay worm thanks and congratulation to you all assembled in this Annual General Meeting held on date, held about one year after last AGM dt. 25.05.2014.
The activities of this organization performed during the year under report are furnished hereunder for your information, knowledge & acceptance after proper discussion in the house.

The details are described serially as below.

At the very beginning, whenever we got no project of our own, the District Council for Child Welfare, Medinapore at Nandakumar graced us allotting one of their units of Early Childhood Education centre (ECE) at this organization which continued for a few years here. Such introduction inspired us to proceed in the themes of early childhood care and development in future.
Concept of Human Resource and Rural Development

According to the ideals of Swami Vivekananda ‘Man is the focal point of all developments. We also believe that human being is the most important creature in this world. So, the development of Human Resource is our prime object. We have tried our best to achieve the preliminary development of that resource from childhood to old age step by step as well as simultaneously.

Following the doctrin of Dr. Amartya Sen, the Nobel Laureate, who observed that the best investment of any developing country is the investment in health, nutrition and education of children. Following this principle, we are trying our best to touch every aspect of human life from cradle to the pyre, as shortly narrated below:-